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Whether you're climbing the Himalaya or following the hiking route through your local forests. The gear you take has to perfectly fit the circumstances. The same principle goes for your products and sales strategy. Although a product line might look and feel complete, with the right adjustments and implementation climbing this mountain together with us will make it feel like a walk in the park.

Get workflow insights, pricing and other information for your order within 24 hours.

Over 50 years of experience bringing together both sustainable and durable fabrics with high-quality designs.

Our efforts exceed expectations as our numbers show an average of 7% margin boost for our partners.

Meet the team

Feel free to add us to your network. We work together with a team of 14 respected colleagues. People with passion for sports and being outdoor.

The most innovative fabrics

Fabrics with coffee? Nature friendly production? To dye your products with oranges and tea-leaves?<br /> Let us advise to set up the most sustainable collection.

Create better margins and be a winner

With over 50 years of experience, we will improve your margins. Not only the 1st season!

Follow the trends every season for free!

As a buyer you need to transform trends into products! Follow the latest new colours and design features. YPLC helps you by sending it for free. By subscribing to our newsletter you will receive all trend information for free.

Product that crush your competitor!

For free we check your competion and design 2 products! Alle designs have different usp's to be more unique. We also like to dream and build a full categorie plan!

Pro-active accountmanagement saves you many hours per week!

We take our job very seriously. Our goal is to organise your production 100% stress free! Also during corona-crisis. There is always something we can do.

Copyright protection

With our unique NDA designs, your and our ideas are always copyright protected. You will be the only owner of your products.

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