Our specialisations

At YPLC we eat, breath and sleep sports. No wonder our products fit the needs of sportsmen worldwide. With advanced technology we match the specifications of our fabrics to the prefered sport types. The importance of strength, stretch and fit varies for each sports branch. YPLC has over 50 years of experience in the outdoor market and we strive to keep innovative.

Masters in fabric

With the newest techniques we bring you endless possibilities. Think of special features like quick-dry, anti-insect or water repellent. Or even more innovative techniques like aroma therapy clothing and textiles with vitamin-E inside. Since 1985 our offices are located in every production facility worldwide to achieve quality consistency and 1 on 1 control.

Your Private Label in 1 minute

Do you want more information on pricing and processes? With our easy step-by-step information tool you have everything you need to know within 24 hours.

1. Fill in the information tool

Receive all the information you need to create your own label. Within 24 hours we provide pricing and process information for you to get started on your own brand.

2. Receive your requested information and a specific quote.

As soon as you send us your information we are on the move. The next workday you recieve all details you need. If requested our team will call you to help you further.

3. We design and develop the collection

With close consultation we design your private label apparel and the first samples are soon heading your way.

4.Production and import in full effect

A production line is dedicated to deliver your order with the highest quality and care. Your brand is about to hit the stores for all customers to see.

Pro's and benefits of YPLC

YPLC stands for functionality. Thats why we deliver the perfect material for all sport branches.

Margin improvement

In avarage over the last 3 years we realized a 7% margin improvement for new customers.

Research lab

Every season we keep you updated on the newest developments on technique and fabrics. In need for something special fabricated just for you? everything is possible.

Technical fabrics

We are specialised in fabrics for the in- and outdoor sports market.


Our production line is completely certified and has a high standard quality control. We deliver sustainable an durable processes and products for our partners.

Product Support

We give the word support a whole other meaning with our concept development and collection planning, specified on our partners' needs.

Information tool

Free insights in costs and product development within 24 hours. Try it yourself with our information tool.


Every season we are looking for new insights, trends and products within our partners' interests and inform specifically to their needs.


With our unique NDA designs your and our ideas are always copyright protected. You will be the only owner of your own products.

We offer your private label

Recycled fabrics

100% of recycled fabrics.

7% Margin improvement

An avarage of 7% margin improvement.

Quality control

Quality check on 5% of all production for a 100% quality guarantee.

Sustainability gain

Our way of producing fabric costs 50% less water and our solar panels deliver up to 55% of the energy we use.

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