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When you think sports, think YPLC, the private label outdoor clothing company YPLC. We at YPLC caught a bug and it’s running through our veins, we can barely sleep eat or drink. Some say it’s a love bug, which is not that far from the truth.It’s actually the love for sports and in particular, the love of clothing athletes the right way. The private label outdoor company performs on a global scale and making sure athletes worldwide are wearing the right gear. The private outdoor label company understands the different types of athletes foremost. From rock climbing till running.

Specific wear can make the athlete go from second to first place, and we at YPLC wanna be there when that happens. We offer tested gear with advanced technology that matches the specific type of movements and weather conditions. We know the importance of strength and durability of fabrics to fit any type of sport and the needs of any type of athlete. The keywords you need to hear to choose any private label outdoor clothing company are innovative and experience. And for the last 50 years, we have been on the cutting edge, striving and moving forward.

Custom outdoor clothing types

Where some stop, we go further. We take that extra step to create the best custom outdoor clothing types that matches any type of weather conditions.

Outdoor gear suppliers

We like to stay innovative, it keeps us on our toes, like the rock climber reaching the highest peak. In order to stay in the game, you need to know the game and stay ahead of the curve. No one has ever achieved anything by standing still. To be the best of the outdoor suppliers you need to keep moving and always improving. With great power comes great responsibility. Our responsibility is to create gear that is durable and sustainable. We apply our knowledge and expertise to design and produce gear that will last in any type of condition.

As outdoor gear suppliers, we perform on a global scale and assuring users worldwide for a fully satisfactory experience. Specific gear from our outdoor gear suppliers can make the experience go from good to excellent, and we at YPLC wanna be there when that happens. And for the last 50 years, we have been on the cutting edge, striving moving forward. When choosing an outdoor gear supplier, being innovative and having experience is extremely important. And for the last 50 years, we have been holding strong.

Quality outdoor clothing fabrics and functionalities

Why have regular outdoor clothing, when you can choose quality outdoor clothing? We choose our fabrics carefully. The choices we make fit the functionality of the clothing. This is not just science, it’s smart thinking.

Water column 5000mm or higher

The water column of a jacket tells us how much the jacket is waterproof, so how much water can it withstand before the water penetrates the jacket. Higher values means more protection!

Moisture column 3000mm or higher

The breathability you need to lead the sweat away from the skin, so this reveals how well the clothing allows for drainage or evaporation of the body moisture to the surface.

Quick dry

Quick dry means moisture wicking, so it keeps you warm by moving moisture away from the skin.

Insect proof

A long lasting anti-insect protection in a safe and environmental friendly way, to keep you safe, healthy and hygienic.

Bacteria proof

A anti-bacterial function prevent bacteria from cultivating, which means it reduces odour.

Aroma therapy

Aromatherapy is the holistic therapy that treats the mind, body and spirit.

Vital energy

Skin health and beauty is considered as one of the principal factors representing overall ‘well-being’ and the perception of health.

Extreme soft

Extreme soft hand feel, so softer then soft.

Wool power

This gives wool a super soft hand feel, as well as easy wash comfort without excessive shrinkage.

Taped seams

Taped seams are used on waterproof clothing. In order for a garment to be 100% waterproof from the holes from the stitching, this need to be covered, so no water can leak through the seams.

Sun proof

Sun proof provides added protection again the sun’s harmful UV rays with UV 50+

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Frequently asked questions

How to start a private outdoor label?

Please contact our team for more detailed information on starting your private label outdoor clothing.

What kind of fabric do i need to chose?

Outdoor clothes come in many features. After you fill in our information tool you will receive a brochure in your mail with all the types and features within the outdoor private label line.

Is drop shipment also part of the service?

Yes, dropshipment is possible for Private label outdoor clothing.

How can I get the right fit schedule?

Our team of specialists make sure you get the fit schedule based on your needs and locations.

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